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Grandpa is dedicated to finding solutions to help the enviornment,Save Money on energy  ,also save on fuel for internal combustion engines, up to 30% energy savings with solar water heater, be safe and independent, and experience spiritual health and peace. He will provide some free stuff and links that he has researched.

He wants to try all the products, but there is not enough time or resources to test them all, however he will eventually test everything he refers to. But many of these solutions need to be initiated NOW. A financial crisis is on the horizon and we must prepare  for the future.

You need a dependable back-up power supply for necessities such as refrigerator, freezer, lights, radio.



Eco-Stewardship v.s. Green

Eco-stewardship addresses our responsibility to God's creation, to maintain, enhance,protect, and have dominion over all that God has provided, for ourselves and future generations as opposed to accepting every illogical, radical, environmental issue that is proposed by the liberal progressives, such as global warming which was invented by Al Gore after he invented the internet.