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Farm and Garden Solutions


Grandpa Jay grew up on a small family farm off the grid before there were any alternative energy sources. After retirement in 2008 Grandpa moved to a small rural property and began to develop a micro-eco market farm using sustainable agriculture and organic principles that have their origin in biblical teaching.

Because Grandpa was raised by a mother and grandparents that survived the great depression he learned how to make due with the necessities and find practical solutions to problems that were experienced on the small country farm. Since there was no refrigeration, a cooler was built that used wet burlap for evaporative cooling. There was also a hole, adjacent to the cooler, that was lined with redwood and it was perpetually damp and used for keeping eggs and a crock for sauerkraut.

This was no "Hobby Farm" however it was organic and sustainable. Nearly 100% of our food was grown and processed on the small farm. Most of our clothes were made and repaired there too. Our shoes were resoled with old tire treads. Friction tape, baling wire, and scraps were commonly used for making or repairing tools and equipment. Hay was cut with a scythe, firewood was cut with a one or two man crosscut saw and split with an ax, wedges, and a sledge hammer. Cedar shingles and shakes were split by hand.

Some of the projects that are being investigated at this time are solar, wind, and muscle power. Using a hydrogen generator to produce HHO (converting water molecules to their hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which are explosive when exposed to an ignition source)to power gas and diesel engines. An automatic chicken feeder and water-er both cost less than $10 to build and a hen-house for less than $50 were added to the farm in the last 10 months.

Are you prepared to survive this coming hyperinflation? It is undoubtedly on the horizon. Soon your dollars will be devalued and your purchasing power will decline. This is one of the reasons Grandpa is preparing to be self-sufficient with a sustainable, organic farm off the grid. With tangibles for barter. Check http://www.survival-spot.com for a list.

A hand pump or wind mill pump powered by muscle ( a modified bicycle driven flywheel) in case of power failure or too high cost for electric power.